Monday, January 16, 2012

Update Cheat Wh Point Blank

Cheat point blank. update cheat wh point blank terbaru how to use cheat WH or wall hack point blank, the Troopers bp certainly know if there is now a cheat WH aka Wall hack cit. With a cheat that we could see the enemy behind the wall, so that we can shoot the enemy by a sudden (surprise shoot). Well this time facebooktrik want to share about how to use Wall Hack Point Blank. I actually just wrote the way, but not for use.Cheat Wh Point Blank
Here we see, who named perX injector program, the program will inject (inject the file named kiba.dll and silver.dll) This file will be injected into PointBlank.exe after we click the START button on the launcher just before hackshield pB perform Loading (This means that the HS does not detect the file injected into PointBlank.exe).
Small picture just like that, as I said above, if the purpose of this post is not to share the program to do the WH, but sharing knowledge about the use of the WH.
It would be wise for GM to do something to file2 failed injected into PointBlank.exe, mgkin bnyak way to the WH. But at its core is the user’s file to the WH should inject PointBlank.exe. I hope GM can quickly follow up the cheat like this.

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